I Sing The Mighty Power Of 

God ,That Made The 

Mountains Rise, That Spread

The Flowing Seas Abroad,

And Built The Lofty Skies,

I Sing The Wisdom That 

Ordained The Sun To Rule 

The Day,

Shout Joyfully To  The

Lord, All The Earth.

Serve The Lord With 

Gladness, Come Before Him

With Joyful Singing.



O Lord My God When I

I In Awesome Wonder

Consider All The Words

​Thy Hands Have Made.

I See The Stars,I Hear The

Mighty Thunder,

Thy Powe`r Thru`out The

Universe Displayed

If I Lift Up My Eyes To The 

Hills, Where Shall I  Find


Help Comes Only From The

Lord, Maker Of Heaven And

Earth.How Could He Let Your

Foot Stumble,

Give Thanks To The  Lord

Oh Give Thanks To The 

Lord, Call Upon His Name

Make Known His Deeds 

Among The People.

Sing To Him,Sing Praises To  

Him, Speak Of  All His 


O Love That Wilt Not

Let Me Go

I Rest My Weary Soul 

In Thee

I Give Thee Back The 

Life I owe

That in Thine Ocean Depths

Its Flow

May Richer,Fuller Be.